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Construction Management from breaking ground to ribbon cutting

Building on or below the ground is just as important as building above grade. Our team of civil and geotechnical engineers understand the interactions between soil, rock, and water, and how to integrate construction with the site conditions. We promote your project’s success from the first shovelful of dirt to the ribbon cutting!


GeoInsight has proven experience in identifying and understanding the details associated with construction site work. We assemble project narratives, vendor materials, and engineer’s cost estimates, effectively communicating that information with contractors and other stakeholders.


We Promote Successful Project Delivery Through:

  • Bid package preparation 
  • Preparation and/or review of technical specifications and project drawings, and 
  • Contract language development.  


We Further Assist By:

  • Identifying qualified contractors  
  • Preparing bid advertisements 
  • Running pre-bid meetings 
  • Managing the bid process, and  
  • Compiling and presenting bid comparisons. 

Our clients sum up our reputation for construction administration services in three words: “attention to detail.” Our familiarity with a wide variety of construction projects allows us to deliver practical administration services during construction of both our own designs, and others'.


Clear, Direct Communication Builds Trust

We put our organizational and planning skills to use, facilitating effective communication and record keeping. We anticipate and accommodate issues quickly and completely, minimizing or even preventing adverse effects on cost, quality, and schedule. Our managers are effective liaisons between Owner and Contractors, instilling confidence that your project objectives will be met. Direct construction experience allows us to resolve discrepancies and questions openly and correctly.



Tracking Progress

We have successfully used a variety of progress tracking tools and we are accustomed to organizing and chairing progress meetings. We track the relevant paperwork before, during, and at the conclusion of a construction project. Proactive tracking promotes efficient comparison of actual costs to those that are bid and assessment of appropriate change orders.

GeoInsight’s construction oversight and testing services let you know whether construction is being performed in accordance with applicable specifications, design parameters, and standards of practice. Our detailed observations and record keeping help protect your assets. We provide:

  • Field observation of contractor performance
  • Quality assurance evaluation and testing by qualified personnel, and
  • Documentation of both progress and validity of work.



Our Positive Interaction With Contractors Keeps Your Project Moving Forward

Our focus during oversight is to protect your interests and economic resources, ensuring high quality results. Throughout the construction process, we maintain positive interaction with your contractors, facilitating accurate communication and quick resolution of potential construction deficiencies. We provide:

  • Participation in team brainstorming sessions to solve special site challenges
  • Summary reports for construction team members and/or local building officials
  • Daily inspection logs
  • Review and comment on Requests for Information, Field Changes, and Change Orders, and
  • Progress memoranda.


Continuity is Key

When the team members that perform your environmental investigations, engineering design, or geotechnical evaluations, also perform your oversight services, you benefit. This continuity promotes accurate communication and implementation of the intended design and construction recommendations. It also allows rapid assessment of actual site conditions (if different from those interpolated during the investigation program). We save you time and money by eliminating your need to educate outside parties regarding site conditions and proposed construction.


Field Oversight Services Frequently Involve:

  • Examination of site conditions and construction procedures
  • Assessment and approval of construction materials
  • Bearing surface examination and confirmation
  • Compaction inspection and testing of structural fill installation, and
  • Real-time vibration monitoring for sensitive structures (as needed).


Assessing Soil and Fill Materials to Maintain Your Schedule Through:

  • Proctor density tests 
  • Field density testing
  • Sieve analyses
  • Soil resistivity testing, and
  • Liquid and plastic limit tests. 


An accurate As-Built plan can save significant time and money when future modifications or repairs are required. GeoInsight’s experience with creating As-Built packages has given us the perspective to accurately prioritize the aspects which are most important for code compliance—and positive project outcome!




As-Built Package Variations

Your construction As-Built package can take a variety of forms, from detailed plans that accurately depict final conditions at the conclusion of a project, to a compendium of comprehensive documents, figures, and manuals that form a library of useful information for the Owner. In short, we are familiar with a variety of formats for a variety of situations and can tailor a solution to your specific needs.


GeoInsight proudly offers Construction Management Assistance in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and New York.

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Featured Case Study

Dover Municipal Landfill: Construction Assistance/ Preparation of Bid Packages

The Dover Municipal Landfill was open from the 1960s to 1980 and was the disposal site for local municipal and industrial wastes. Impacted ground water migrates from the Landfill toward downgradient receptors, including residential properties and a nearby river. GeoInsight is the oversight contractor for a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Group associated with completing Remedial Design/Remedial Action (RD/RA) activities at the Dover Municipal Landfill Superfund Site in Dover, New Hampshire.

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