Solid Waste Facility Third Party Inspection Services in Massachusetts


Solid Waste Management Facilities in Massachusetts are required to have third party inspections annually. The MassDEP announced effective January 1, 2015, that these inspections must be conducted by a certified third party inspector. 310 CMR 19.018 provides information in regard to the required frequency and performance standards for facility inspections.

Solid Waste Facility Third Party Inspection Services in MA 

MassDEP Solid Waste Management Third Party Inspector Program

The MassDEP's Solid Waste Management Program is designed to "prevent pollution, maximize materials reuse, and conserve both natural resources and energy by ensuring the proper handling, transfer, processing and disposal of solid waste."


Types of facilities that require inspections include:

  • landfills
  • transfer stations
  • combustion facilities
  • recycling centers, and
  • composting sites.


Annual Solid Waste Reporting Forms



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