Compliance Auditing


A Tailor-Made Audit

When we perform a compliance audit, we design an approach that is specific to your objectives and your facility’s unique needs. We select experienced senior auditors who are familiar with your industry and its environmental, health, and safety (EHS) issues. We conduct independent reviews of facility operations to identify the EHS regulations that apply, evaluating your current compliance with these regulations. Typical compliance audits include:

  • A comprehensive site walk-through
  • Personnel interviews and a detailed review of facility operations
  • Review of written programs and records
  • Waste stream identification and assessment
  • Assessment of chemical and waste management practices and facilities
  • Review of existing training programs, and
  • Documentation of audit activities (discussed in advance with you).



Your Audit Results: A Valuable Decision-Making Tool

Your audit results are compiled in a concise technical report and/or compliance matrix that summarizes applicable regulatory citations or programs, describes findings, and proposes specific modification recommendations. We will help you to prioritize these findings, allowing you to address the most business-critical compliance issues first.


Four Ways a GeoInsight Audit Can Save You Money

We help you analyze and understand the implications of permit requirements, and advise you of terms that may limit your business growth. We also negotiate favorable, flexible permit terms for your company, and identify opportunities to reduce your compliance requirements and costs by:

  1. Compliance_EHS_Auditing_4.jpgImproving chemical use efficiency
  2. Recirculating, reusing, or recycling waste streams
  3. Replacing chemicals with less regulated alternatives, and
  4. Modifying permit requirements.

 GeoInsight’s Auditing Services Include:

  • Comprehensive EHS assessments
  • Regulatory compliance auditing
  • Compliance reviews in support of financial bonding
  • ISO 14000 third-party compliance review
  • Program applicability determination
  • Safety program reviews
  • Process safety management system program review
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (Toxic Release Inventory and Tier II) data reviews
  • Contingency planning reviews
  • Pre-permitting strategy development
  • Operation and/or project specific compliance applicability reviews
  • Topic-specific compliance audits
  • Emissions compliance review
  • Hazardous materials management assessments
  • Environmental management system audits, and
  • Technical regulatory support during enforcement actions.

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Featured Case Study

Energy Provider: Environmental Compliance Auditing

GeoInsight was hired by the largest public utility in New England to provide environmental compliance auditing services. The public utility provides gas and electrical energy to over 2.1 million customers.

Featured Case Study

Chemical Manufacturing Plant: Environmental Compliance Auditing

GeoInsight was hired by a chemical manufacturing plant to evaluate the facility’s compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations. The audit also included a review the facility’s local environmental permits and program requirements, including flammable material storage.