Source Registration (SR) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reporting Updates

September 5, 2018

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has provided recent updates regarding Source Registration (SR) reporting—including those for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions—and web forms.

At this time, the MassDEP has made new SR and GHG web forms available for the 2016 time period. Due to delays in web form availability, MassDEP is accepting SR-only, GHG-only, or combined SR/GHG emissions reports only for 2016, not for 2017.

All necessary reports are to be submitted to the MassDEP by the date specified for your facility, the details of which will be mailed to you, including: your reporting deadline, facility identifiers, and the reports your facility is required to file.

What Report(s) are You Required to File

The reports that your facility will be required to fill out are determined by well-established regulatory criteria and operating parameters, which include the following distinctions:


Source Registration (SR)

Facilities required to submit SR files are those that:

  • Have potential emissions or heat input capacities above thresholds specified at 310 CMR 7.00: Air Pollution Control
  • Fall within certain categories (e.g. most incinerators), or
  • MassDEP directs to file even if they do not meet regulatory criteria.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

  • Are regulated under Title V of the federal Clean Air Act and Appendix C of 310 CMR 7.00: Air Pollution Control, or
  • Emit more than 5,000 tons per year of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e).


Any facilities that fall under both criteria will likely be required to file both a SR and GHG report.

How to File Your SR/GHG Reports

Facilities will be required to use the eDEP Online Filing system to submit their SR annual or triennial report and/or their GHG annual report. If you or your facility are new to the MassDEP site and the eDEP, you are required to create an account prior to filing all of your necessary reports.

Confused by These Updates? GeoInsight is Here to Help!

If you’re having trouble navigating the MassDEP site, eDEP Online Filing System, or are simply uncertain of what reports your facility needs to file, GeoInsight can offer you the necessary guidance to succinctly file your reports, all the while ensuring that no any information falling through the cracks.

 We are here to help you efficiently complete your report filings, whatever help you might need, which can include:

  • If you are uncertain as to what classifications your facility hits and whether you are required to fill out a SR and/or GHG filing,
  • If you can not find your facility’s Source Classification Code (SCC) or North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code,
  • If you are having difficulty calculating your facility’s emission factors of GHG emission factors,
  • If you are confused by the eDEP website, particularly with the navigation of the website and where/how to file your reports,
  • If you’d like to have a representative not connected with your facility to proof and edit your filing reports, checking to make sure that information, calculations, and codes are correct. 

If your facility is in the process of filling out and filing your 2016 SR and/or GHG reports and are looking for some professional guidance, contact one of our expert representatives today!


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