Reminder: Compliance Tier II Reports Due March 1

February 4, 2016


Emergency Planning and Community
Right-to-Know Act Tier II Forms Due


The 1986 Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)  was created to help communities plan for emergencies involving hazardous substances. It also  provides the public with better access to information about chemicals used at individual facilities, the types of safety risks these chemicals pose, and the potential for their release to the environment.  EPCRA applies to all types of facilities, including: manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, schools, hospitals, maintenance garages, and leased tenant space.  According to EPCRA regulations (40 CFR 370.10), facilities that store more than the Threshold Planning Quantities (TPQs) of hazardous substances must submit an annual Tier II report on the types and quantities they use and store to State and local authorities.


Commonly-Used Hazardous Substances TPQs

The reporting threshold for most hazardous substances is 10,000 pounds. For the majority of extremely hazardous substances (EHS), the TPQ is 500 pounds. That translates to:

  • 10,000 pounds of ice melt

  • approximately 1,560 gallons of fuel oil

  • 500 pounds of anhydrous ammonia – such as in refrigeration or cooling systems

  • 10,000 pounds (2,500 gallons) of propane

  • approximately 45 gallons of sulfuric acid – including sulfuric acid found in forklift and emergency system back-up batteries.  

Accurate Tier II reporting helps to ensure the safety of those working at the facility, first responders, and the surrounding community.


What's Required in Your State

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Forms Can be Submitted Electronically

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has released their Tier2 Submit software for reporting year 2015.  Most states accept electronic Tier II submittals using this software, but some states have developed their own reporting tools.


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