NHDES Highlights GeoInsight Project as the State Launches New MTBE Remediation Bureau Funding

December 1, 2014




NHDES MTBE Remediation Bureau launches funding activity with GeoInsight project

In 2014, the State of New Hampshire launched an historic funding initiative, earmarking millions of dollars for the investigation and cleanup of groundwater impacted by methyl-tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). The NHDES chose the Four Corner Store in Richmond, NH as one of the initial MTBE sites deserving of targeted funding. This project, which was highlighted in a recent NHDES newsletter, included the removal of the store’s existing 12,000-gallon gasoline underground storage tank and the excavation of 965 tons of petroleum-impacted soil.   

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What types of projects are eligible for funding? 

According to the MTBE Remediation Bureau's Implementation Plan, funding-eligible projects include the following. 

  • Investigation and remediation of MTBE contaminated sites.
  • Sampling and analysis of at-risk private drinking water wells within an appropriate radius of contamination source sites.
  • Provision of safe, clean drinking water to impacted citizens.
  • Installation and improvement of public water supply infrastructure in areas having significant MTBE contamination.
  • Implementation of measures to prevent further MTBE contamination.

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