LSPs and MCPs: GeoInsight Presents on MCP Basics at the Boston Bar Association

March 28, 2018

GeoInsight Licensed Site Professional (LSP) expert, Kevin Trainer, was honored to participate in the Boston Bar Association’s (BBA) “Friday Fundamentals” series to educate the next generation of up-and-coming attorneys. Kevin joined Jeanine Grachuk, L.G. of Beveridge & Diamond PC and Paul Locke of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) to present on the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (310 CMR 40.0000 et seq.) or “MCP.”  Kevin was asked to provide a focus on the role of LSPs and to provide an LSP’s perspective.  Some key ways to keep site goals in mind and maximize their relationships with LSPs to support their client’s objectives was a great opportunity to share with new lawyers.

The MCP’s innovative “privatized” regulatory program relies upon LSPs to investigate and remediate releases in Massachusetts, and LSPs frequently interact with attorneys on environmental projects, often as part of environmental due diligence or real estate transactions.  An LSP is an environmental scientist or engineer with significant professional expertise who is licensed in Massachusetts to manage and supervise response actions, taking on the role that is usually conducted by state regulators. This unique approach pioneered by the MassDEP allows releases to move quickly through the regulatory process, guided by an experienced environmental professional, rather than relying upon overburdened state bureaucrats.  In addition to their regulatory responsibilities under the MCP, LSPs are frequently the “public face” of these environmental projects, often interacting with multiple parties, including neighbors, prospective property purchasers, municipal officials, attorneys, and the MassDEP.

Understanding an LSP’s role and obligations are crucial for an attorney to properly counsel their clients on these environmental matters.  Experienced and knowledgeable LSPs working in close cooperation with attorneys is a successful recipe for complex environmental projects. Providing thoughtful guidance on the Massachusetts regulatory requirements and identifying multiple options are the specialties of GeoInsight’s LSPs.  At GeoInsight, we always approach challenges with the end in mind – not every site can be closed quickly, but creating a clear roadmap is a sure sign that your LSP is on the right track. Download Kevin’s presentation on MCP Basics for Lawyers: An LSP Perspective here.

The BBA is Massachusetts’ premier legal institution, working to develop individuals in the profession through the highest standards of excellence with education and leadership development at the forefront.  Their “Friday Fundamentals” is a weekly educational series sharing experience and valuable lessons for emerging lawyers.  Click here to view a full list of the BBA’s upcoming Friday Fundamentals programs.

About Kevin Trainer:

Kevin is a Senior Geologist at GeoInsight with over 25 years of experience, Kevin has worked at many different environmental projects throughout New England.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in geology from Boston University and a master’s degree in geology from the University of New Hampshire.  Kevin has over 15 years of experience as an LSP in Massachusetts, and he is certified as a Professional Geologist in Maine and New Hampshire.  Kevin has also taught geology courses, including Stratigraphy and Sedimentology, at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Looking to learn more about the MCP and LSPs?

Download the full presentation here or get in touch with Kevin today.  Also check out our regulatory site closure services.

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