GeoInsight's Mike Penney, P.E., L.S.P. is now a Certified Massachusetts Third-Party Solid Waste Facility Operation and Maintenance Inspector

October 14, 2015

We're pleased to congratulate GeoInsight's Director of Engineering, Mike Penney, P.E., L.S.P. on adding a new certification to his resume: he's now a certified Third-Party Solid Waste Facility Operation and Maintenance Inspector in Massachusetts! Can you say that five times fast? We can't! 

MassDEP's Solid Waste Management Third-Party Inspection Program  

The MassDEP's Solid Waste Management Program is designed to "prevent pollution, maximize materials reuse, and conserve both natural resources and energy by ensuring the proper handling, transfer, processing and disposal of solid waste." Begining in January, 2015, MassDEP requires that inspections of Solid Waste Management Facilities be performed by a certified Third-Party Inspector (310 CMR 19.018).  

There are two separate Third-Party Inspection Report Forms to record and report the results of an inspection: 1) Operation & Maintenance Inspection; and 2) Waste Ban Compliance Inspection. Use the appropriate form based on the type of inspection being conducted at the facility. All applicable sections of the submitted form must be completed to be accepted by MassDEP.

Does your Massachusetts facility need a third-party inspection? Get in touch! 

You can e-mail Mike directly at or call him at 603.314.0820. 










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