GeoInsight’s Andrea Kenter working with the New Hampshire Drinking Water & Groundwater Trust Fund

May 10, 2018


The New Hampshire Drinking Water & Groundwater Trust Fund (DWGTF) has been gearing up to build the proper system to share the $270 million funds provided to the state of New Hampshire through litigation with Exxon Mobil over the use of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MtBE).  This fund aims to assist applicants including, but not limited to, water systems and land preservation groups with the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the drinking water and groundwater resources of the state.  Rick Skarinka, P.E., manager of the State Revolving Fund (SRF), candidly noted that the DWGTF is the largest change to impact water suppliers in New Hampshire since the passage of the surface water treatment rules in the 1980s.  For context, over the 20-year history of the SRF, $200 million has been administered by New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) staff to assist with water infrastructure projects and improvements.  DWGTF distribution is being coordinated by the Advisory Commission, comprised of state agencies, members of the House of Representatives and Senate, municipal officials, and members of the public, including our own Andrea Kenter.

The Advisory Commission includes 19 delegates, who meet quarterly to ensure the proper administration and management of the SRF.  They have been meeting for over a year now, developing criteria selection, approval processes, and funding qualifications for applicants requirements.   Final selection of grant awardees is managed by the Governor and Council.

The DWGTF originates from litigation with Exxon Mobil over the use of MtBE.  As a result of winning the lawsuit, the state received $276 million and pursuant to the conditions of the lawsuit, this money will be allocated for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of New Hampshire's drinking water and groundwater resources.


A number of high need projects have already been funded by the Advisory Commission in 2017.  The workshop and application solicitation beginning this spring kicks off the first round of competitive funding processes starting the business of the DWGTF in earnest.  

NH DWGTF Resources:

Want to see if your project qualifies for DWGTF?

The DWGTF is looking to fund water infrastructure, source water protection, and land preservation projects.  Talk with our engineers, if you have projects in mind or questions regarding the process.  Also see our post on 5 Tips for a Successful DWGFT Application.

Get in Touch with Andrea Kenter

Andrea Kenter, PG | Senior Hydrogeologist

Andrea has over 25 years of environmental consulting and regulatory experience, with an emphasis on site hydrogeological analyses and site characterization. She is currently appointed to the 19-member NH Drinking Water and Groundwater Advisory Commission.

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Dave Maclean, PG, LSP, LEP | Director of Water Supply

Dave has 30 years of experience in water supply and contaminant hydrogeology projects throughout New England and has partnered with the NHDES and many New Hampshire water suppliers to solve water supply and water quality problems.