GeoInsight to Analyze Environmental Impact from Eversource Seacoast Reliability Project in New Hampshire

January 27, 2017


GeoInsight Partners with Woods Hole Group to Analyze Impacts from Eversource Seacoast Reliability Project

GeoInsight, Inc., and its partner, The Woods Hole Group, was selected by the Town of Durham, New Hampshire, to examine the potential environmental impacts on Little Bay by the Eversource Seacoast Reliability Project.

The Eversource project focuses on improving electrical reliability to a 13-mile stretch from Madbury to Portsmouth, New Hampshire , a region with a rising demand for power and electrical reliability.  The majority of the project will run along an existing utility corridor; however, there is a proposed crossing under Little Bay, stretching approximately one mile between the towns of Durham and Newington where transmission cables would be buried using a process known as “jet plowing” to bury the cable under the floor of the bay.

Although previous studies suggest a low environmental impact to Little Bay, the process still raises some questions and skepticism from residents and local officials. The main concern is that the jet plowing process can displace sediment and disrupt the marine life of Little Bay.

GeoInsight’s team of scientists and engineers are tasked with thoroughly analyzing possible environmental impacts to ensure the delicate ecosystem is protected by reviewing available scientific information, including studies, reports, and information provided by Eversource.  The findings and recommendations will be submitted to the Town of Durham and possibly, the State of New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee.

For additional information on this project and other environmental impact concerns, please contact Michael Dacey, P.G., L.S.P. by calling 603-314-0820 or via email: