GeoInsight Wins Engineering Excellence Award

June 24, 2013


GeoInsight, Inc. was selected by a panel of judges as the winner of the New Hampshire American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) in the Environmental category for our design, construction oversight, and operation & maintenance of the Source Control Remedial Action (SCRA) groundwater extraction (GWE) system at the Dover Municipal Landfill Superfund Site on Tolend Road in Dover, New Hampshire. The award recognizes engineering projects that epitomize quality, innovation, value and client satisfaction.

GeoInsight designed the system to:

  1. Contain and control the generation and migration of impacted groundwater and leachate on-Site that serves as a source of impacts to off-Site groundwater and potentially to surface water;

  2. Reduce the total mass of contaminants present in groundwater and leachate to maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) or levels protective of human health and the environment prior to discharge; and

  3. Comply with federal, State, and local requirements.


The $4M project was completed on behalf of the Executive Committee of the Group of Work Settling Defendants (PRP Group) for the Dover Municipal Landfill Superfund Site.  The GWE system consists of 15 extraction well stations strategically placed along the southern, downgradient toe of the Landfill, and three extraction wells (EWs) located at each station. The entire extraction network is approximately 2,500 feet in length. Each of the three EWs were set at different elevations using sonic drilling techniques (refer to Figure 2) to minimize disturbance to geologic formations being dewatered. A total of approximately 2,200 feet of extraction well piping was installed for the well system. An access road was constructed in difficult subgrade conditions along the landfill toe to provide access to each EW station and other system components, as well as facilitate the construction. The EW stations are metal fabricated buildings physically situated over the wells that are outfitted with explosion-proof electrical and mechanical components and also have access ports in the roofs in the event a well needs replacement. 

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Extracted groundwater flows by gravity in a 6-inch diameter HDPE pipeline from the EW stations to two lift stations. The lift stations transfer water through 4-inch diameter HDPE pressure conveyance piping and valve pit structures to a 35,000-gallon sedimentation tank that overflows to a City of Dover POTW lift station. The system includes numerous valves, gauges, and other instrumentation, and cleanouts to facilitate regular cleaning. Flow controls and monitoring instruments are wired to a central panel where remote operation and evaluation of the system can be performed. The individual EW flow rates are expected to range from approximately 0.1 gpm to 6 gpm, depending on depth and location. The expected range of total flow rate from the system during its design life is 50 to 120 gallons per minute.


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About the EEA Awards

The EEA competition is open to any member firm engaged in the practice of consulting engineering in New Hampshire.  Eligible projects must have been built in New Hampshire, or the majority of the design work must have been performed in New Hampshire, although the project may have been built anywhere. Click here to learn more.