GeoInsight Presents Ski Slope Sustainability Topics at NH Green Slopes Conference

August 25, 2011

What Goes Around, Comes Around

At GeoInsight, we've noticed that when it comes to sustainability, what goes around comes around. Effectively incorporating sustainable design into a ski resort's operation is a business investment that can reduce cost and business risk, help the environment, and deliver top line growth.


GeoInsight delivers practical, implementable recommendations, identifying and prioritizing the projects and/or issues which present the greatest return on your investment so that every dollar you invest comes back around again and again.


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Benefits of Green Snowmaking: A Case Study

This presentation is a case study of the Dartmouth Skiway, which resulted in significant energy savings and environmental footprint reduction associated with the snowmaking process. Greening of the Skiway snowmaking system included upgrades in gun technology, as well as the replacement of existing low efficiency air compressors with high efficiency low emission diesel units, which are currently being leased for the snowmaking season.

- Adam Weissman, GeoInsight; Doug Holler, Dartmouth Skiway


Reinforced Earth for Sustainable Slope/Terrain Parks

This presentation will cover a summary of terrain park features, including use of soil vs. snow; and types of geosynthetics and the types of structures possible. Penney will discuss the sustainability of minimizing snow structures, including their advantages and disadvantages.

- Mike Penney, GeoInsight


Large Groundwater Withdrawals Roundtable

Environmental rules regarding water quality and water quantity are always evolving and ski areas need to keep on top of state and federal initiatives that regulate this vital resource. In this round table forum, a regulator, consultant and lobbyist will discuss current water use rules and regulations that commonly affect the ski industry.

- David Maclean, GeoInsight, Brandon Kernen, NHDES, and Bruce Berke, Sheehan, Phinney, Bass + Green


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