GeoInsight Leaders Present Geotechnical Case Studies at UNH Alumni Conference

May 24, 2016

GeoInsight was proudly represented at the recent University of New Hampshire’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Conference by Mike Penney and Brian Nereson. Penney, a 1984 graduate of UNH, and Nereson, a 2007 graduate of UNH, presented case studies on two complex geotechnical projects and shared their findings and experiences at GeoInsight with students and other thought leaders in the industry.  The daBTN_Presentation_at_UNH_2016.jpgy-long event has grown to a highly anticipated and very well attended event.

“GeoInsight employs a strong group of graduates from UNH so it is fun and important to keep the connection going and also catch-up with other alumni at the conference,” Penney said. “It gives us a chance to showcase some of our technical expertise to our peers and others in the industry, as well as to give students a glimpse into the potential world of consulting.”

“It was a great experience to present an interesting GeoInsight project to the UNH alumni and students,” said Nereson. “It was particularly interesting to discuss the project with other experienced UNH graduates after the presentation.  UNH has produced a lot of highly-respected engineers in our field.”

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