GeoInsight is Approved for PRF61 and PRF67 for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

April 14, 2017

GeoInsight was awarded contracts by Massachusetts Operational Services Division (OSD) and the Division of Capital Asset, Management, and Maintenance (DCAMM) to provide a wide variety of compliance, environmental, and engineering design services.  GeoInsight passed an extensive vetting process and met the strict insurance requirements required to provide these services to Commonwealth Agencies and Municipalities.

Under OSD’s Management Consultants, Program Coordinators and Planners Services (contract PRF61) and DCAMM’s Environmental Engineering, Diagnostics and Testing (contract PRF67), GeoInsight is approved for projects up to $10,000.

For your convenience, services provided under the OSD and DCAMM contracts can be purchased through the Massachusetts COMMBUYS purchasing process.  This will save time and provide a more efficient contracting strategy.

GeoInsight is a multi-discipline environmental consulting and engineering firm that provides a full range of environmental, civil, geotechnical, and compliance engineering.  We provide these services to public and private sector clients, including towns and municipalities, colleges and universities, hospitals, financial institutions, utilities, developers, citizen groups, insurance agencies, petroleum distributors, and commercial and industrial businesses.

We will be at the MASSBUYS EXPO at Gillette Stadium on April 27, 2017  

Come by and see us at Booth 165.

For more information contact:

Christene A. Binger