GeoInsight Donates Ink and Toner Cartridges to Manchester School Program

May 23, 2019



At GeoInsight, we have always been committed to supporting the communities we both work and live in. We understand that progress is born from the good provided by each community member, and that is why we are always happy to give back whenever possible.

We are thus pleased to announce that we recently donated ink and toner cartridges to the Ink Recycling program of the Parker-Varney School of Manchester, New Hampshire. A public-school supporting children aged Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, Parker-Varney School is committed to providing exceptional familial support and education by fostering a community-driven school.

The Ink Recycling program is part of the Parker-Varney School Parent Teacher Group (PTG), a volunteer group of administration faculty, teachers, and parents committed to the betterment of the Parker-Varney School community. The PTG's Ink Recycling program is connected to their support of the FundingFactory, a recycling fundraiser in the continental United States that has kept over 43 million pounds of items out of landfills since their founding in 1997.

It is always a delight to know that we're able to assist towards the betterment of our communities, whether environmentally or socially. If you'd like to provide beneficial services to the Parker-Varney School PTG, consider taking a look at their numerous charitable programs, from the Ink Recycling program to school fundraisers.