Expanding Environmental Services for Remedial Contractors

Expanding Environmental Services for Remedial Contractors

June 23, 2021 By: Jeff King, P.G., L.E.P.   |   Andrea Kenter, P.G.   |   Robert Reynolds

As part of our recent merger, we are expanding our service offering for Remedial Contractors. We joined Hull & Associates (Hull), Duffield & Associates (Duffield), and HSW Consulting (HSW), as part of a national platform of companies focused in the industrial, real estate, energy, technology, transportation, and government sectors.The combined platform now includes over 350 staff in 24 offices, across 12 states (Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Texas).

GeoInsight will continue its commitment to offering relationship-centric consulting services to clients in New England, now with an expanded portfolio of service experience and technical depth.  This includes expanding our core services to remedial contractors to include:

  • Remedial planning and oversight, including preparing remedial and spill closure plans, designing remedial systems, remedial activities oversight, and regulatory interaction and reporting;
  • Underground storage tank (UST) removal oversight, sampling, and regulatory closure;
  • Designing, permitting, and oversight of groundwater dewatering systems for remedial and construction sites;
  • Planning, designing, and permitting in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) remedial methods to address petroleum, chlorinated solvent, and metals impacts in soil and groundwater;
  • Preparation of soil management plans and coordinating soil and groundwater disposal for large-scale remediation and construction projects;
  • Emergency spill response services, including providing response to petroleum releases, coordinating emergency response activities with contractors, state and federal regulators, the public, and other interested parties;
  • Subsurface investigation services including planning and coordinating environmental media investigations, oversight, and reporting;
  • Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP), Licensed Site Professional (LSP), and Professional Geologist (PG) related services throughout New England; and
  • Professional engineering services including preparing geotechnical engineering and excavation support plans for remedial and construction sites.

For more information on our expanded services and geographic footprint, please reach out to Jeff King at [email protected] (Connecticut); Rob Reynolds at [email protected] (Massachusetts); or Andrea Ketner at [email protected] (New Hampshire).

For more information on Hull, Duffield, HSW, and GeoInsight, please visit www.hullinc.com, www.duffnet.comwww.hsweng.com, and www.geoinsight.com.