GeoInsight History


GeoInsight was founded in 1993 on a deeply-held set of core values that, to this day, guide our work with clients and the very structure of our company.

Continuous attention to the specific needs of our clients has fostered steady growth from an initial staff of three at a single location to its current level of over 60 staff in three locations in the northeastern United States.


The highly experienced staff possesses and continuously nurtures a wide range of professional qualifications including licensed professional engineers, geologists, wastewater treatment plant operators, site and environmental professionals, septic system designers, erosion and sedimentation control professionals, asbestos inspectors and planners, and ISO 14000 auditors.


And like you, we've also built a business. We understand the pressures that you can experience trying to grow your business while making payroll and managing your cash. That's why we provide personal, attentive service and always partner with you to provide solutions that work best for your situation.

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