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Why GeoInsight

GeoInsight was retained by a municipal Planning and Development Department to provide expert witness services in a matter regarding a large retaining wall constructed from pieces of recycled concrete bridge decking.  The case was brought by the municipality against the property owner alleging, in part, that the wall posed a risk to public safety.


GeoInsight visited the wall and used observations, topographical information, knowledge of local geography, understanding of retaining wall construction, geotechnical principles, and comparisons to standards of practice to formulate an opinion about the wall.



With nearly 30 years of practice in the discipline of soils engineering and direct experience at thousands of different sites, GeoInsight’s Senior Geotechnical Engineer provided following technical support to the legal team:

  • evaluation of conformance of the wall with the original approved design;
  • completion of geotechnical analysis to assess global stability under static and earthquake loads;
  • completion of engineering calculations to confirm internal stability against sliding and overturning under conservative conditions that include prolonged precipitation and surface loads;
  • determination of significant insufficient internal drainage;
  • assessment of appropriate Factor of Safety for the wall given its unconventional materials;
  • consideration of the absence of construction quality control;
  • evaluation of stabilization/correction alternatives;
  • preparation of an opinion report; and
  • providing deposition testimony, review of deposition transcripts, and live courtroom testimony.
Client: Municipal
Location: Vermont

Scope of Services

  • Retaining Wall Analysis
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Soil Engineering
  • Expert Testimony