Municipal Client | Transmission Line and Water Treatment Design

Water Quality Engineering | Transmission Line and Water Treatment Design

Why GeoInsight

Following the successful siting of a 550-gallon-per-minute gravel pack well to replace a flood damaged supply, GeoInsight was requested to design a transmission line for the replacement supply well. Beyond the transmission line design itself, our multifaceted team of experts was also able to design a water treatment system, including pH control/corrosion protection needed to treat the groundwater supply prior to distribution to the North Conway public water system.


  • Designed and permitted a trenchless transmission line to extend beneath the active North Conway Scenic Railway.
  • Worked with electrical utilities to design and permit supply energy to the new supply well, the treatment facility, and emergency back-up generators.
  • Evaluated appropriate strategies and building layouts to optimize the introduction of pH control and corrosion protection and other treatment and monitoring controls.
  • Acted as overall design engineer coordinating the work of electrical, structural, and architectural subcontractors and assuring North ConwayWater Precinct procures a treatment facility with design features most advantageous to their staff.
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Client: Municipal
Location: North Conway, NH
Services: Water Resources

Scope of Services

  • Water Quality Engineering
  • Design of Water Transmission and Treatment Facility
  • NHDES Negotiations

Project Details

This project served as the second phase of a project aimed at replacing a key water supply that the precinct lost in 2011 due to damage suffered under Tropical Storm Irene. A replacement well was installed, and withdrawal tested in 2016 after which the project transitioned to the engineering phase to connect it to the North Conway Water Precinct’s distribution system. GeoInsight assembled a team of electrical engineers, architects, and structural experts and prepared a design of the new treatment building. The construction of the transmission line to the treatment building required the design and permitting of a horizontal directional bore for water line and electrical conduit beneath the active Conway Scenic Railway. The directional bore was completed in July of 2017 and GeoInsight is currently finalizing the design plans and specification for the anticipated construction in 2019.