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Why GeoInsight

We were retained by K&W Construction to support a roadway improvement project along Raymond and Day Streets in Norwalk, Connecticut.  The improvements included raising the elevation of the intersections and roadways, relocating utilities to underground conduits along these roadways, and improving utility and stormwater infrastructure.  GeoInsight’s versatility was demonstrated as we assisted K&W Construction with the preparation of soil and groundwater dewatering management plans; supported the preparation of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) permit applications applicable to the project; completed field oversight of construction activities and sampling of soil, groundwater, and system discharge effluent; and completed project reporting for K&W Construction, the project engineer for the City of Norwalk, and the CTDEEP.


EVALUATED ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SOIL AND GROUNDWATER IN THE PROJECT AREA – We conducted a comprehensive study of materials expected to be encountered by contractors during the project.  

WORKED WITH THE CONTRACTOR TO DEVELOP MATERIALS HANDLING PLANS – We prepared detailed soil management plans and dewatering plans for the contractors to follow.

ENSURED DEWATERING AND TREATMENT SYSTEM OPERATION DURING THE PROJECT – We completed implemented a periodic dewatering system monitoring plan to ensure proper operation of the system discharge to within safe levels.

Client: Municipal
Location: South Norwalk, CT

Scope of Services

  • Civil Engineering
  • Field Investigation Activities
  • Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Construction Oversight and Reporting
  • Project Close-Out and Additional Tasks

Project Details

TECHNICAL CONSULTING AND FIELD INVESTIGATION ACTIVITIES – To help K&W Construction, GeoInsight prepared an “Excavated Materials Management Plan (EMMP)” and “Groundwater Management Plan (GMP)” per the project specifications.  To develop the plans, GeoInsight prepared and completed a comprehensive soil and groundwater investigation plan.  The investigation plan included the installation of test pits and monitoring wells along Raymond and Day Streets to permit the collection of soil and groundwater samples.  The purpose was to evaluate the environmental quality of excavated materials, determine groundwater depths and infiltration rates, and to evaluate for the presence of urban fill materials.

DATA COLLECTION AND EVALUATION – The investigation results indicated that soils consisted mainly of urban fill materials, including fine to medium sand containing brick and concrete fragments.  Petroleum impacts were identified in the soil exceeding Connecticut criteria.  Based upon the results, GeoInsight’s EMMP included guidance for contractors for the proper excavation, handling, transport, and off-site disposal of soil generated during the project.  Groundwater was encountered at approximately four feet below grade and relatively minor concentrations of petroleum-related compounds were detected in groundwater.  GeoInsight assisted K&W with the preparation of a dewatering permit with the CTDEEP and evaluation of treatment system options for the project.

CONSTRUCTION OVERSIGHT AND REPORTING – GeoInsight provided construction oversight during the project, which included coordinating the soil management and disposal activities, monitoring and operation of the dewatering system, collection and laboratory analysis of dewatering system discharge samples, and associated reporting and correspondence with the CTDEEP and City of Norwalk.

PROJECT CLOSE-OUT and ADDITIONAL TASKS – Following these activities, GeoInsight prepared a detailed report for the CTDEEP and the City of Norwalk.  The report documented the soil removal and groundwater dewatering activities and provided details regarding the sample analysis.  Additional tasks included assisting K&W Construction with the closure of the CTDEEP permit and evaluation of contractor disposal documentation for the project.