Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Services | Pavement Assessment and Bid Services

Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Services | Pavement Assessment and Bid Services

Why GeoInsight

We were hired by Evergreen Harvard  Management, Inc. (Evergreen) to assist its client (Century Village) in performing a comprehensive assessment of roadways, driveways, and sidewalks within a 100-unit condominium complex in Londonderry, New Hampshire.  Approximately 3,300 linear feet of asphalt-paved access roads (not including individual driveways and visitor parking spaces) provide for travel throughout the villages in the complex.  After meeting with Evergreen and the Condominium Board (the Board), we developed a focused scope of work to maximize the Board’s limited funds in order to characterize the nature and delineate the extent of the pavement issues and then developed a bid and performance specification package for the planned improvements to further save costs.


PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION ACHIEVED – Since the initial pavement construction in the early 1980s, pavement deterioration of various forms had developed.  In general, the majority of pavement areas had undergone relatively severe distresses as evidenced by: weathering; potholes; rutting; longitudinal, transverse, and alligator cracking; heaved and settled locations; localized hard spots; delamination; and shrinkage.  Problems were generally the result of poor drainage and substandard initial construction.  We developed a fixed set of repair techniques to address the conditions and prepared a design plan set with color-coding that corresponded to the repair work required.  We also optimized the extent of the locations requiring repair.  These design techniques simplified the approach for the contractors, saving time and money on the project for the Condominium Association.

DESIGN BEGINS WITH EXPLORATION – GeoInsight field staff are well versed in pavement construction, civil design, and geotechnical assessment.  Being able to apply each of these skills during our initial evaluation allowed us to correctly identify and evaluate potential drainage issues, shallow groundwater areas, and poor subgrade locations, which all combined to influence selection of representative locations for photographs and borings, and accurate quantification mapping of pavement distress types for our engineering report.

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Client: Land Development
Location: Londonderry, NH
Services: Engineering

Scope of Services

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering and Drainage Design
  • Feasibility Studies and Opinions of Probably Cost
  • Presentations to Condominium Association Board of Directors
  • Construction Observation

Project Details

We spent significant time with Board members to educate them regarding causes of pavement degradation, pavement improvement options, construction phasing options, expected pavement life cycles and methods to extend pavement life, cost-saving approaches to large-scale pavement improvement programs, and potential risks associated with various changes to design recommendations.  We incorporated their comments into our Bid Package and the Bid Form, and assisted Evergreen in contractor selection.  These meetings and discussions helped integrate the Board into the entire process and make them feel more comfortable informing other Condominium Association members about the improvement plans, which the members would all eventually pay for in their dues.