Former Landfill – Residential Development

Former Landfill - Residential Development

Why GeoInsight

GeoInsight’s experience in providing engineering and environmental solutions on complex redevelopment projects and our longstanding relationship with a private developer of distressed properties made this the right partnership for a redevelopment in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This project required state and federal permitting, designing a long-term groundwater dewatering and treatment system, treating lead-impacted soil, transporting over 20,000 tons of impacted soil off-site, and participating in public meetings with an active community group.


Brownfields tax credits – GeoInsight is preparing documents to obtain Brownfields Tax Credits for the site in 2020. Anticipated return for the client is expected to exceed $1 million.

Successfully designed and permitted long-term dewatering treatment system – Construction activities included building an underground garage below the water table at a former landfill. Due to the high porosity of the soil at the landfill, significant dewatering was necessary to maintain dry conditions during construction. Dewatering and 24/7 oversight occurred for over a year.

Social stabilization and off-site soil management – Over 10,000 tons of lead-impacted soil was stabilized for off-property disposal saving the client 10s of thousands in disposal costs. Over 20,000 tons of impacted soil was transported off-site for disposal.

Landfill gas monitoring – Because the redevelopment occurred in a former landfill, landfill gas monitoring was conducted to be protective of construction workers and the neighboring residents. Landfill gas monitoring occurred during all earthwork, foundation, and utility installation at the site.

Client: New Street
Location: Cambridge, MA
Services: Site Investigation

Scope of Services

  • Technical Consulting and Field Investigation Activities
  • Project Planning for Pre-Design and Construction Activities
  • Preparing Brownfields Tax Credit Documents
  • Design and Construction Oversight and Reporting
  • MCP and EPA Compliance

Project Details

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