CTO – Washington Depot – Residential Heating Oil Release Response

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Why GeoInsight

We were retained by an international insurance firm to provide environmental and engineering services to respond to a significant release of heating oil at a residence.  An estimated release of 200 gallons of heating oil occurred due to the overfilling of an aboveground storage tank (AST) inside the utility room of the residence.  Our extensive experience with emergency response activities and Connecticut’s spill remediation program were key assets in helping our client manage this significant release.  The work was conducted under the direction of a Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP).


COORDINATED RESPONSE WITH THE CLIENT, CTDEEP, CONTRACTORS, AND THE HOMEOWNER – We worked with the client, CTDEEP, remedial and restoration contractors to respond to the significant release.  This included coordinating project schedules for the contractors, communicating evolving project objectives with the CTDEEP and homeowner, and preparing updated budgets for our client.

RELEASE EVALUATION AND BUILDING MATERIALS DEMOLITION – GeoInsight and the remedial contractor evaluated the release and migration pathway of the heating oil.  The oil migrated horizontally from the utility room beneath a wood floor into the living room and vertically to both the interior and exterior sides of the foundation wall.  The interior walls were removed and GeoInsight developed a geotechnical plan to support the building foundation during the remediation work.

REMEDIAL OVERSIGHT AND REGULATORY CLOSURE – Following removal of the impacted building materials and support of the residential structure, the remedial contractor excavated and disposed of 112 tons of heating oil-impacted soil and pumping and disposal 9,074 gallons of impacted groundwater.  Post-remediation soil, groundwater, and drinking water samples indicated that the soil was removed to Residential criteria, and impacts were not identified in groundwater and drinking water.  The release was closed with the CTDEEP and the site and building materials were restored to previous conditions.

Location: Washington Depot, CT

Scope of Services

  • Emergency Response and Site Investigation Activities
  • Remediation Oversight
  • Regulatory Coordination
  • Closure Program Development and Long-Term Monitoring

Project Details