Barbadoes Pond Impact Evaluation

Barbadoes Pond Impact Evaluation

Why GeoInsight

A gravel pit operator was ordered to stop their operations because their activities were thought to be lowering water levels in a nearby pond. The pond was abutted by concerned residents and the pond was managed as a local trout pond frequented by local fisherman. GeoInsight was hired to review this concern and to develop/implement a work plan to evaluate the effects of the gravel extraction process on the nearby pond.


Successfully negotiated with the NHDES to allow continued operation of the gravel pit.  By detailed stratigraphic logging, evaluation of long term water records, as well as focused water level monitoring throughout one year, GeoInsight was able to show that gravel operation had little influence over the water levels in abutting pond.

Technical negotiations with NHDES allowed the operator to avoid costly and lengthy litigation that could have been required to reopen gravel mining operations. When GeoInsight began work on the project, the project was potentially the subject of legal action.

The hydrogeologic study serves as the basis for potential lateral expansion of the operations.  NHDES is currently considering permitting lateral expansion of the operations to allow continued business operations; this expansion was not considered possible before GeoInsight’s involvement in the project.

Client: Pike Industries
Location: Madbury, NH
Services: Water Resources

Scope of Services

  • Development of hydrogeologic conceptual model and installation of monitoring well network;
  • Water level tracking, monitoring, and statistical analysis;
  • Consultation with NHDES and assistance with state and local permitting

Project Details

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