Waste Management Company: Expert Witness Services

A New England waste management company turned to GeoInsight for help when they encountered stiff resistance from local environmental advocacy groups when attempting to permit a municipal waste transfer station. The advocacy group pointed to bacterial impacts in storm water draining from the site into wetlands located near one of the town’s drinking water supply wells. GeoInsight conducted several studies to characterize potential sources of bacterial impacts and to evaluate the nature of potential bacterial impacts to the wetlands abutting the transfer station property. GeoInsight’s studies were extensively scrutinized before legal hearings held to evaluate potential environmental impacts from the transfer facility.


The legal hearings upheld the legitimacy of the waste transfer siting and GeoInsight worked with the waste management company and the municipal conservation commission, health department, and planning board to develop engineering controls, best management practices, and comprehensive storm water sampling plans. Engineering controls integrated innovative biologic treatment units and engineered wetlands to treat storm water. After two years of comprehensive storm water monitoring, the municipality issued the waste management operators a certificate of compliance.

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