Former Packaging Company: Site Investigation & Characterization

GeoInsight provided site investigation and characterization services to a developer of a significantly impaired property in South Boston. The site was formerly operated by a business that repackaged bulk quantities of many chemicals, including chlorinated solvents and various petroleum products, into smaller quantities for resale. The chemical company went bankrupt and left behind significant environmental issues, including tetrachloroethylene and its degradation products at concentrations indicative of dense non-aqueous phase liquid, and petroleum compounds.


GeoInsight performed multiple, progressively more detailed phases of site investigation and due diligence evaluation of the site to characterize the nature and extent of the impacts for our client. This approach allowed our client to balance due diligence costs incurred against the risks identified in support of iterative evaluations of the viability of the proposed transaction. A remedial system (soil vapor extraction with off-gas treatment and air sparging) was designed to significantly reduce mass within the source area at the site and its implementation was closely coordinated with rapid progress of the redevelopment.



Because we could apply multiple skills to the project, we were instrumental in discussions with the Brownfield insurance agent for the site to obtain a site-specific, remediation cost gap policy necessary to more the project forward.

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