Shoreline Community Water Supply Solutions

GeoInsight’s Background of Successful Water Supply Involvement

Southeast Connecticut has historically been faced with significant water supply challenges.  The Thames River regional interconnection project, completed in 2008, provided a template for regional cooperation on water supply issues and provided GeoInsight Inc. (GeoInsight) with an opportunity to showcase our versatility and commitment to practical problem solving.  GeoInsight’s involvement in this major infrastructure improvement project provided us with extensive knowledge and understanding of the region’s water supply issues.  Since the completion of the Thames River project, GeoInsight has remained active in the region providing permitting and engineering solutions to public water suppliers. 


Delivering Both Immediate and Long-term Solutions for Southeastern Connecticut’s Water Supply Deficit

GeoInsight is currently working with a shoreline municipal water supply commission to support the development, construction, and implementation of immediate and long term solutions to the town’s water supply deficit.  To date, our services have included:

  • facilitating funding requests to state and federal entities for water supply improvements;
  • developing source of supply alternatives to the town’s short and long term water supply needs;
  • providing services for completion of the town’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan application; and
  • providing evaluation services to identify new infrastructure needs including additional atmospheric storage, a booster pumping station / pressure reducing station, and a main extension and interconnection with a neighboring water utility.  

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