Secure Vehicle Storage Facility: Storm Water Management

g.pngIAAI owns an 11-acre facility used for secure storage of vehicles from insurance total losses, bank repossessions, leases, and charity donations for subsequent auction and cost recovery. Their facility suffered from poor drainage for years because of being in a low area without a drainage outlet as surrounding areas were built up over time. In addition, the site overlies an old debris landfill and its continual degradation produced heavy rutting in travel lanes. They approached GeoInsight to find an economical solution to keep the vehicles they temporarily store for their clients in a higher and drier condition. GeoInsight’s knowledge of the area and subsurface conditions led to the conclusion that storm water was ponding above the densified ground surface, which was confirmed by test pit excavation and a wetland survey.  With water unable to readily escape because of grades and the impermeable surface zone, a carefully devised grading plan was developed for the site subgrade, on which a high-strength geosynthetic layer was placed for reinforcement below a new surface layer of crushed stone. 



The environmental benefits of the improvements included:

  1. Significantly increased infiltration by slowing runoff travel through the aggregate, which reduced ponding
  2. Reducing dust generation because of the new stable ground cover
  3. Increased natural degradation of de-minimus releases on the exposed aggregate surfaces
  4. Improved surface water quality by limiting contact with previously protruding landfill debris, and
  5. Keeping vehicles and their fluid-containing systems elevated out of the standing water.

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