Raymark Superfund Site: Technical Assistance

GeoInsight was asked by the Raymark Advisory Committee (RAC) to help them negotiate with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) regarding plans for assessment and cleanup of the Raymark Superfund Site located in Stratford, Connecticut. This Superfund site involves the widespread disposal of fill materials containing asbestos, lead, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) throughout the Town of Stratford. Also, the site involves large chlorinated solvent plumes in ground water presenting indoor air hazards to residential developments abutting the former manufacturing plant. The manufacturing plant owners fell into foreclosure and remedial assessment and remediation was relegated to the USEPA as a federal lead site. Through years of contentious debates over remediation plans, the relationship between Town officials, local property owners and the USEPA had become strained and it was GeoInsight’s job to help all parties reach consensus.



GeoInsight reviewed a myriad of technical documents generated by USEPA and their contractors and helped focus the Town and the USEPA on issues of most importance:

  1. Mitigating potential indoor air exposures in homes, and
  2. Developing remedial plans to address commercial properties affected by waste-impacted fill, and bringing these properties back onto the tax roles.


As a result a vapor intrusion and mitigation plan was developed and implemented involving the installation of vapor intrusion controls in over 100 homes. GeoInsight also helped the USEPA and the Town reach consensus on remedial plans involving almost 30 commercial properties.

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