Public Water Supply Upgrade: Beneficial Materials Reuse Determination

Site Setting

As part of planned improvements for its Public Waster System – Phase 1A, one of two existing lagoon structures located at the City’s treatment facility off Russell Avenue was decommissioned by filling with soil.  The north lagoon was located near the base of an earthen dam and had been identified as one of the deficiencies of the dam.  The lagoons were previously used for containment of water treatment residuals and the north lagoon had been inactive for several years.  In its discussions with the project team, J&J Contractors, Inc. was made aware that the City of Gloucester (the City) had a close-by, large stockpile of soil that could be suitable for reuse as fill material for the lagoon.  J&J retained GeoInsight and we worked with J&J, the City, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) to devise a win-win solution.

Material Evaluation and BUD Preparation

The soil stockpile managed by the DPW included street sweepings and excess soil from utility repairs. To evaluate the viability of the soil reuse, GeoInsight reviewed historic soil sampling data (chemical and physical) and then supplemented the old information with additional sampling and laboratory analyses.  We then prepared a comprehensive Beneficial Use Determination (BUD), including a Quality Assurance Plan and Toxics Use Reduction Plan.  The BUD demonstrated that the materials met the criteria for reuse suitability and that the solution would not pose a significant adverse environmental risk.


Solution Granted

The MADEP approved the BUD based upon GeoInsight’s opinion that the controlled reuse of approximately 4,200 cubic yards of the soil stockpile as fill for the lagoon would preserve other clean soil resources for other activities, use of the nearby stockpile to provide fill for the lagoon will generate a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to hauling material in from an off-site source, and the fill would help stabilize the dam.

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