National Defense Contractor: TSCA Compliance

GeoInsight was retained by a national defense contractor to provide oversight and consulting services associated with assessment and remediation of media impacted with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), metals, chlorinated solvents, and cyanide. The 151,000-square-foot facility was the historical location of research and development activities associated with radar and microwave technologies. Impacts were identified in concrete building materials and in piping and structures associated with an abandoned subsurface wastewater treatment system The property had been leased by the client for over 50 years, and the property owner was moving forward with a plan to redevelop the property into a high-end retail plaza.


GeoInsight performed assessment and remedial activities under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) and obtained approval for site activities from the United States Environmental Protection Agency under the provisions of a multi-stage Self-Implementing Cleanup Plan. Over 10,000 tons of PCB-impacted soil and media associated with a former on-site wastewater treatment system and PCB-impacted concrete were generated. Careful analysis of characterization data identified the impacts associated with specific media and areas of the facility, allowing segregation of media by severity of impact for disposal resulting in lower project costs. GeoInsight provided the client with full characterization, remediation, and verification testing. GeoInsight coordinated with the owner's redevelopment contractors so that construction activities were seamlessly initiated as final cleanup activities were being completed.

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