Industrial/Commercial Redevelopment

Client: Confidential Retailer

Location: West Haven, Connecticut


Phase I, II, and III Site Assessments

GeoInsight performed Phase I, II, and III site assessments of a 20-acre industrial and commercial area of West Haven, Connecticut.  The multi-parcel studies included ten buildings comprising approximately 350,000 square feet of floor space.

Multimedia Investigations to Evaluate Historical Impacts

Following determination of recognized environmental conditions, GeoInsight staff performed extensive investigation and characterization of potentially impacted areas and prepared a Remedial Action Plan for the site based upon achieving compliance with Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) remedial standards.  A multimedia investigation was initiated to evaluate soil, ground water, surface water, and building toxins present from historical rubber manufacturing, vehicle repair, and dry cleaning operations.  The investigation required:

  • assessing the degree and extent of impacted soil from multiple source areas;
  • assessing the limits of chlorinated solvent impacts to the ground water;
  • assessing surface water quality impacts;
  • identifying asbestos-containing building materials, lead-based paint, and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) containing capacitors, as well as Freon containing systems; and
  • demonstrating compliance with CTDEEP remedial standards.



Phase III Remedial Action Plan to Minimize Environmental Construction Costs 

Following data evaluation, a Phase III Remedial Action Plan was developed to allow redevelopment of the property for commercial purposes.  The Phase III RAP included excavation and off-site disposal of impacted soil, management of impacted soil to be left on-site, a dewatering/treatment plan for handling impacted ground water during construction, and an asbestos abatement plan for building demolition.  GeoInsight developed an alternative approach to expensive off-site disposal of impacted media using in situ treatment methods.  The plan was integrated into a phased construction sequence to minimize environmental construction cost premiums.  Licensed Environmental Professional services were also provided as part of Connecticut Transfer Act filings and notifications.

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