Global Information Provider: Sustainability Services

GeoInsight was hired by a world class information and data services provider with over 55,000 employees and locations worldwide. GeoInsight was selected over several US and international consultants to provide sustainability services for a project based out of Stamford Connecticut and London, United Kingdom.


The information services provider operates large data centers as well as in country operations for news services around the world. GeoInsight is assisting in gathering and analyzing energy, water, and waste data from over 600 facilities in order to measure and benchmark the corporate Greenhouse Gas footprint for this world recognized brand name.




By measuring and tracking environmental performance metrics corporations can not only meet public and financial disclosure requirements but also for the first time utilize this data to better manage their business. One key project deliverable will be the development of baseline data set in order to establish goals and metrics for improvement. The project will track and calculate greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from direct combustion (Scope I), purchased power (Scope II) and Travel impacts (Scope III).  


GeoInsight is utilizing internationally recognized protocols for the GHG calculation process which take into account regional and country differences in energy.

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