Former Smith Sawmill: Brownfields

Former Smith Sawmill

The former Smith Sawmill in Sunapee, New Hampshire was developed prior to 1921 and was once occupied by the Edwin Crabtree & Sons Paper Mill.  Commencing in 1926, a portion of the site was occupied by the New Hampshire Power Company, which drew hydroelectric power from the Sunapee River for its operations.  In the early 1950s, that area west of the river was developed as a sawmill and reportedly operated for approximately 30 years.  The site has been inactive for many years and currently supports several vacant and dilapidated structures. 


Brownfields Compliance Assistance and Subsurface Testing

GeoInsight, Inc. (GeoInsight) provided a prospective buyer of a portion of the property with Brownfields compliance assistance and limited subsurface testing of identified “recognized environmental conditions” between 2006 and 2008.  Assessment activities delineated surface soils impacted with lead and polychlorinated biphenyls.         


AAI Phase I ESA for New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Commencing in 2009, GeoInsight was tasked with conducting an All Appropriate Inquiry Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (AAI Phase I ESA) for the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.  Preparation of a site-specific Quality Assurance Protection Plan (QAPP) has been completed and scheduled activities include remediation of previously identified soil issues associated with use and storage of petroleum as well as the removal of an abandoned underground storage tank under a state-lead contract.    


Project Highlights:QAPP;

  • Subsurface investigation/assessment;
  • AAI Phase I ESA; and
  • preparation of an application for a
  • Brownfields Covenant Not to Sue
  • Eligibility Determination.

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