Environmental Services for Grocery Store Company/Property Developer

Client: Confidential Grocery Store Company/ Property Developer

Location: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York


A Full Range of Environmental and Geotechnical Services for Multiple Properties Throughout
Southern New England and New York

GeoInsight, Inc. staff members are responsible for conducting a full range of environmental and geotechnical services for a major grocery store company and real estate developer at properties located throughout southern New England and New York state.


grocery_small.jpgSuccessful Redevelopment of Properties into Grocery Stores and Shopping Centers

GeoInsight personnel have worked closely with this client for the successful redevelopment of various properties into grocery stores and shopping centers.  The properties have included nearly everything from small residential and commercial parcels to complex industrial parcels with 100 years of environmental history and extending over tens of acres.


Projects Have Included:

  • environmental due diligence
  • comprehensive site assessments
  • building hazard assessments
  • waste characterizations
  • construction support
  • underground storage tank removals
  • remediation of soil and ground water
  • geotechnical assessments and risk characterizations
  • geosynthetic applications
  • regulatory compliance and permitting, and
  • regulatory program assistance.

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