Energy Provider: Environmental Compliance Auditing

GeoInsight was hired by the largest public utility in New England to provide environmental compliance auditing services. The public utility provides gas and electrical energy to over 2.1 million customers.  The utility has a mature corporate auditing program which includes on site environmental multi media audits for all locations on a schedule based on facility size and risk. Audit results are provided to senior management as part of required environmental performance metrics. The utility utilizes an internal team of trained certified auditors to perform the audits. GeoInsight was able to directly augment the internal audit team by providing a trained, certified, experienced auditor meeting the utility requirements who supported the audit program both in 2008 and 2010.

The utility facilities vary greatly and included liquefied gas storage, electrical distribution and maintenance facilities with complex environmental compliance requirements. The audits include a detailed review of the facility’s local environmental permits and program requirements, including but not limited to waste management, employee training, PCB management, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), water permits, general permits, EPCRA reporting chemical storage, pollution prevention plans, and inspections.

GeoInsight's auditors fully met the utility's corporate requirements, including pre-employment security screening. The well-defined audit process included the use of detailed protocols, providing written audit reports. Ultimately, the utility was able to meet its corporate audit schedule on time and on budget without incurring the need to have additional full time staff.  

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