Crown Shore Yacht Club: Low-Impact Design

The Crown Shore Yacht Club is GeoInsight’s latest low-impact development (LID) project. GeoInsight provided a creative design that transformed the existing parking lot configuration (paved parking within the shoreline protection areas, allowing untreated storm water runoff to discharge directly to the lake) into a low-impact design incorporating a rain garden, bio-retention basins, and shoreline buffer restoration.




The new design protects the City Water Works surface water intake located approximately 1,000 feet downstream of the proposed development and a portion of the proposed development is adjacent to Black Brook.


GeoInsight performed a comprehensive analysis of potential LID strategies for the yacht club and considered porous pavements, shoreline buffer restoration, and infiltration structures. The most effective solution for the proposed development balanced LID desires with the requirements for

  • emergency vehicle access lanes
  • ample parking accommodations
  • proper vehicle egress to avoid impacts to Union Avenue
  • shallow ground water elevations
  • management of the 100 year storm event, and
  • non-buildable setback limits from Lake Winnipesaukee and Black Brook.


In addition, the final design provided a level of sophistication that is attractive to potential club members.


Sketch prepared by Jordon Associates, Inc. 2009                

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