Concord Oil Company: Sustainable Site Design

GeoInsight designed a complete renovation for an aging bulk fuel storage facility in Concord, Massachusetts to update fuel storage systems and compliance, and significantly improve storm water treatment. Approximately 150,000 gallons of product is stored at the facility on a small, congested lot located adjacent to a large wetland area and river. The new facility layout met strict local and regulatory requirements and required working closely with the client, the Concord Natural Resources Commission (CNRC), Planning Department, Historic Commission, the Department of Public Works, and a landscape architect. The modifications were designed to accommodate remedial activities required at the property because of historical subsurface petroleum impacts.



The creative design conceived for the highly-restrictive site included:

  • A new state-of-the-art storage and transfer system within a concrete containment dike
  • New vegetated areas
  • A system to route storm water to new treatment swales and underground treatment structures before being discharged into new vegetated treatment basins
  • Improvements to site aesthetics
  • Improved capture of storm water from fuel transfer areas
  • Development of a cut and fill grading plan to maintain the existing flood storage while keeping work out of the 25-foot buffer zone
  • Beneficial reuse of an existing containment basin, and
  • Design and implementation of safer traffic and parking patterns.

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