Colebrook Landfill: Remediation Services

GeoInsight was retained by a major solid waste company to perform a comprehensive hydrogeologic investigation at a remote, temporarily closed landfill, evaluating the nature and extent of volatile organic compound (VOC) impacts--specifically ketones--present in ground water. Remedial alternatives to address the impacts were evaluated and a feasibility analysis was performed for meeting ground water quality criteria in overburden and bedrock zones beneath the landfill (source area) and downgradient of the landfill (plume area). GeoInsight’s design team prepared a Remedial Action Plan that identified focused ground water extraction, active treatment by air stripping, and discharge to an on-site infiltration area (plume area) and also to the Town’s treatment plant (source area) as the most appropriate remedial alternative for the landfill.



The ground water treatment system was designed to capture and treat both existing conditions and future potential contaminant releases from the placement of additional wastes in the unlined landfill. GeoInsight’s design included a two-zone ground water extraction system that included a total of 27 extraction wells (both overburden and bedrock wells), with a heated water shallow tray air stripper system and automated controls. The design parameters were developed by GeoInsight based upon completing pumping tests, fracture trace analyses, ground water sampling, down-hole hydraulic conductivity testing, and complex hydrologic and chemical transport modeling. GeoInsight provided oversight for the installation and start-up of the remedial system construction. The success of the remediation system allowed the landfill to re-open, thereby generating funds for final cap construction and landfill closure.


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