Microfilm Processor Facility: Permitting

GeoInsight has provided permitting assistance to a microfilm processor with on site waste treatment needs, assisting them in all phases of the permitting project. Additionally, GeoInsight provided design assistance with the selection and procurement of the wastewater treatment process/equipment. The film process utilizes silver bearing film and film processing chemicals which must be treated prior to discharge to the local sanitary sewer system. The process recovers silver which is collected for precious metals recovery.  


GeoInsight assisted with all aspects of this permitting project and obtained the initial State of Connecticut industrial discharge permit as well as preparing the renewal permit package ten years later for the client. The permit renewal process included a detailed review of discharge monitoring reports, wildlife diversity review, development of drawings and site plans, waste sampling and analysis, public notice, compliance assessment and details regarding system flows and equipment design.   


The permit process also included assistance with improvements to the treatment process and monitoring. This included design of a discharge monitoring and recording device and procurement and installation support. In addition to preparing the permit application, GeoInsight prepared required supporting documents such as the Operation and Maintenance plan for the waste treatment process and a required Spill Prevention and Control Plan.

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