Armed Forces Reserve Center: Construction Work Plans

GeoInsight was the environmental and geotechnical engineer selected to the Design/Build Team of J&J Contractors, Inc. (Lowell, MA) and Symmes Maini McKee Associates (Cambridge, MA) to deliver the new Armed Forces Reserve Center at Fort Devens. The project involved the demolition of numerous existing buildings, pavement, and utilities, and the construction of several large new buildings (totaling over 220,000 square feet) and accompanying infrastructure. Development at Fort Devens is required to follow very stringent protocols to comply with Army Corps of Engineers and Devens Enterprise Commission requirements for sustainability.



GeoInsight’s role included preparation of a comprehensive set of plans compiled into an overall Environmental Protection Plan. These plans were implemented during planning and construction to promote environmental compliance of the overall project delivery with the minimization or prevention of environmental pollution and/or impact.



In addition to conducting geotechnical investigation and analysis prior to construction, GeoInsight assisted the Design/Build team during construction by providing oversight services that met multiple objectives. Our oversight activities included:

  • Assessment of building materials prior to demolition
  • Sampling of various site materials (both soil and building demolition debris) for physical and chemical parameters to maximize reuse as structural fill below building and pavement areas
  • Observations and recommendations to comply with a Record of Decision applicable to an area of the site
  • Providing field support to evaluated design changes, and
  • Conducting observations and field screening in areas of potential environmental impact to evaluate management requirements.

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