Our Story

Founded on Relationships

GeoInsight was founded in 1993 on a deeply-held set of values that, to this day, guide our work with clients and the very structure of our company. Our founders made it clear that their goal was to nurture great relationships and do excellent work.

We have continued to lean into this foundation. We are constantly focused on being a genuinely relationship-centric environmental and engineering firm. We put our emphasis on growing relationships with not only our clients, but with our regulators, our vendors, as well as with each other and our families.

We are a genuinely relationship-centric environmental and engineering firm.

We are...

  • Licensed Professional Engineers
  • Licensed Professional Geologists
  • Site and environmental professionals
  • Erosion and sedimentation control professionals
  • Asbestos inspectors
  • and more


We are naturally empathetic, caring scientists and engineers committed to building relationships with our clients. We believe that our commitment to communication, trust, and responsiveness is the foundation to achieving successful project outcomes.

The Value of

Our employees are technical experts focused on knowing New England – its unique challenges, the regulatory history and requirements, and the regulators in the region. Our goal is to create and maintain a truly unique business in our industry. When you work with GeoInsight, you have our promise that you will receive the technical expertise you need, with the personal touch we believe you deserve.