Led by Values

Since our beginning in 1993, GeoInsight has focused on developing and maintaining strong relationships based upon trust, commitment, and performance. Our leadership embodies the connection between great technical work, strong personal connections, and excellent service and we believe, as do our clients, those traits differentiate us from our competitors.

At GeoInsight, we are committed to open, transparent, and straightforward communication, which starts with our leadership. We believe that sharing financial performance, strategic planning, and operational governance successes and challenges with our staff inspires and motivates individual performance.

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Executive Leadership

Our executive leaders manage the day-to-day operations of our business and work closely with the Board of Directors to execute on the strategic vision for the firm. From leading each of our offices to coordinating GeoInsight’s human resources, finances, and information technology functions, our leaders focus on providing the tools needed to support our staff so that they can grow and expand their professional careers. GeoInsight’s executive leaders are also committed to delivering the right technical staff, resources, and support to our existing and potential clients.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors establishes the forward-looking vision and identifies the strategic goals for GeoInsight, in addition to providing financial oversight and risk management. Members of the Board are elected to represent the different service areas, market sectors and geographies that we serve. Our outside Board advisor, Bruce Beverly, brings an independent perspective from his experiences in the consulting industry and provides a healthy challenge to our internal Board members.


GeoInsight is a privately held firm. From our beginning, we have provided members of our staff with ownership opportunities when they are identified as leaders who embody our core values of investing in relationships, thinking strategically, growing their expertise, and embracing versatility. Presently, ownership is shared by approximately one third of our staff. We have demonstrated our firm’s commitment and ability to successfully transition ownership and leadership by engaging our next generation of shareholders.