Culture & Values

Cultivating a Welcoming, Supportive Culture

As we strive to be the most relationship-centric environmental and engineering firm, we know that quality comes from the inside out. That’s why we support our employees like we do our families by encouraging a work-life balance that fosters well-being and creativity. We also invest in our employees’ professional development so our team can excel as technical experts who are passionate about what they do.

We consider our employees and our clients part of the GeoInsight family.

Embracing Who We Are


It’s never just a business transaction to us. We genuinely care about our employees and our clients as if they are our family. We demonstrate this commitment through clear communication, trust, respect, and responsiveness.

Strategic Thinkers

For each project, we begin with the end in mind. The big-picture, birds-eye-view allows us to align your business objectives with environmental regulations and engineering, without bogging you down in the details.

Stronger Together

You can always trust that you will receive a high level of technical service from our team of experts. We share a collective knowledge base with a mentorship mentality that fosters great careers and capable, passionate employees.


Today’s environmental and engineering industry landscape changes rapidly, and to ensure you’re getting the best service possible, we place special emphasis on being able to quickly adapt, and deliver quality service even in the face of change.