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Water is by far one of our most precious resources. At GeoInsight, we have the subject covered: from siting and protecting new water supply sources to monitoring and treating water supplies, GeoInsight works with you to ensure that water continues to be delivered to your tap, complying with regulatory standards.  


“When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water.” 

-Benjamin Franklin


The Benefits of Choosing a Project Team That Really Knows the Industry

GeoInsight’s staff includes former regulators, hydrogeologists, water utility personnel, industrial facility managers, and engineers formerly employed with design-build firms focused on the construction, operation, and maintenance of water supply systems. Our experience covers an array of the disciplines typically needed in the water supply industry, including:

  • Civil, environmental, and chemical engineering
  • Geology
  • Hydrogeology
  • Watershed and surface water hydrology
  • Biology, and
  • Environmental science.


This depth and breadth of industry-specific knowledge equips us to see your water supply project from all perspectives, ensuring that our solution to your water supply project is technically sound, compliant, and cost-effective. Regulators and clients respect our ability to find a common ground among disparate parties—to get projects designed, permitted, and built safely and cost-effectively.


We’ve successfully completed projects of varying size and complexity in the following areas:

  • Siting and developing new sources
  • Protecting existing sources
  • Complex hydrogeologic analysis
  • Ground water remediation
  • Water treatment design, and
  • Distribution system design.


The value of clean water is only going to increase over time. We will help you best manage this most important asset.


GeoInsight's water supply services include:

Source Water Protection
Ground Water Withdrawal Analysis and Permitting

Stream Studies

Water Distribution Engineering

Ground Water Mounding

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Featured Case Study

Thames Basin Regional Water Interconnection

Having worked with water utilities in southeastern Connecticut for a number of years, GeoInsight Inc. understood some of the challenges associated with moving water from Groton Utilities through the town of Ledyard then into Montville to meet the needs of the town of Montville and the Mohegan Sun Casino complex. GeoInsight began our involvement with the Thames Basin Regional Water Interconnection Project in early 2002.